Monday, January 28, 2013

Loving Warby Parker!

Hello everyone!
So I recently discovered a newer website through my brother. If you wear glasses, then this truly is the site for you! What you can do is browse through all kinds of vintage inspired glasses. You can even try them on virtually! Here are some of the glasses that I tried on!

Is that not the coolest thing ever? Even if you're not planning on getting new glasses, it's fun to just browse and try different things on! :)
What's even cooler is they will send me 5 pairs for free and no shipping to try on for 5 days. I then send them back and pick out the pair that I want. THEN, they send me my glasses WITH PRESCRIPTION INCLUDED for only $95 dollars! Do you realize how awesome that is? Needless to say, I ordered my 5 trial pairs just a few minutes ago, and I'm so excited to get them in the mail! I will have to do a review after I get the 5 pairs and then after when I get my final! :) :)
If you want to go check it out, just go to ! Enjoy!

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