Saturday, January 19, 2013

So about eight months ago, my fiancé and I found ourselves suddenly hooked on Korean food. If you've never tried it, you haven't lived. In the town where I live, they are popping up all over the place! We've found the one restaurant that we love, and we go there quite often. We both love the hot stone bowls, which is brown rice, your choice of meat, veggies, pickled mushroom and egg, and a yummy sauce! It doesn't sound good the way I describe it...but let me assure you...It's phenomenal. As of late, I've really been enjoying the ramen. The pictures don't looks so great because it was dark AND it was with my cell phone. I meant to take a picture of it when it first came out, but it looked so yummy that I forgot until halfway through!

 The picture above is of my ramen. It's absolutely delicious. If you haven't tried Korean food, I highly suggest you go. Tonight.
Terence loves the spicy shrimp bowl. I can't eat it cause it's too spicy, so I normally get mine with sesame sauce.

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